I have had an interesting day so far; I got up, put my glasses on, and cursed as a lens slipped out. Closer inspection (one-eyed) showed that the frame had snapped just above the nose-rest.

Hah! thought I. I can fix this; what is the point of developing a new hobby as a jewellery maker, if I can’t put the skills to good use? Some fine wire (or at the worst, gaffer tape) will do. Unfortunately, tightening the wire caused the frame to snap at the top.

More cursing, and a call to Specsavers, for an urgent appointment – and a frantic scrabble through drawers to find something I can see to drive in. Can you be here in 20 minutes? Um, I can try…

Driving as fast as I dare in pouring rain, trying to remember how to get to the carpark in town that’s by far the nearest to Specsavers, but has a very eccentric way in… Yes! A stroke of luck; found it by accident. Its parking meters are both bust. Gah! I hope the parking officer is Someplace Else today.

Strolled into Specsavers one minute before my appointment. Got seen and processed through the various stages very efficiently; paid less than I was fearing; and then got the bad news. The replacements will be two weeks coming 😦 And they can’t fit the old lenses into anything temporarily, because you need the EXACT same frames.

Back home. The piles of discarded glasses cases need tidying. One pair that had been discarded earlier – prescription sunglasses, no good in the rain – look interesting. Find a pair of reading glasses, and inspect – Yes! They are the same frame!

Hunt for teeny screwdriver. Pop out brown lenses; pop in clear, old ones. Drop teeny screw on floor. Curse. Find it on hands and knees; after much fiddling, replace. Wash glasses; try on. EURGH! No! Curse. Swap lenses, left for right. Drop teeny screw on desktop, curse, replace; wash; try on.

Whew! Not too bad. Not as good as the old set up, but probably OK for a fortnight. I can now see to read, drive, and work. If I’m really lucky, my brain will compensate, and I won’t have this headache for a fortnight!

Times like this make me SO aware that I would have hated growing old in any era that predated prescription lenses!



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  1. Ah yes this sounds familiar only my wife tends to buy off the shelf glasses at local stores. She claims there’s no difference. The only trouble is they tend to break very easily and it’s impossible to find the screws


  2. I wouldn’t be able to hear, either. Granny in a corner…. Rosemary

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  3. Hi nice readinng your blog


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