About me

I live in the middle of rural Suffolk, UK; I’m currently owned by two cats.

In my spare time, I’m an amateur historian/archaeologist, and in non-work daylight hours am usually out on a field somewhere with a metal detector and/or a trowel. I’ve added quite a few things to the Heritage England Record and the Portable Antiquities Scheme; but what really fascinates me is the stories behind the artefacts.

My first historical novel is about the story of a local boy made good – Wimer the Chaplain was born in Dodnash in Suffolk of a poor Saxon family, but made it to be a confidant of Henry ll, holding down the job of High Sheriff for all Norfolk and Suffolk. Then he gave it all up and came home to found a Priory… finding the original site of that Priory (not where it’s shown on the map) is still one of my proudest discoveries.

I also have a series of short stories about Henry Baker, a boy who finds a magic pencil on the way to school – I have no idea where these come from, but I enjoy writing them 🙂

I hope you find as much pleasure in my books as I get from creating them. My Amazon.com web page is here:

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Thanks for reading!