About me

I live in the middle of rural Suffolk, UK; I’m currently owned by a small, slinky black cat.

In my spare time, I’m an amateur historian/archaeologist, and in non-work daylight hours am usually out on a field somewhere with a metal detector and/or a trowel. I’ve added quite a few things to the Heritage England Record and the Portable Antiquities Scheme; but what really fascinates me is the stories behind the artefacts.

My first historical novel, Sheriff and Priest, is about the story of a local boy made good – Wimer the Chaplain was born in Dodnash in Suffolk of a poor Saxon family, but made it to be a confidant of Henry ll, holding down the job of High Sheriff for all Norfolk and Suffolk. Then he gave it all up and came home to found a Priory… finding the original site of that Priory (not where it’s shown on the map) is still one of my proudest discoveries.

The follow-up story, The Priest’s Son, continues the tale. Now set against the turbulent reign of King John, Wimer’s adopted son Jean must fight to keep the Priory lands intact. Jean is fictional, the struggles are not…

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I also have a series of children’s short stories about Henry Baker, a boy who finds a magic pencil on the way to school – I have no idea where these come from, but I enjoy writing them 🙂

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I hope you find as much pleasure in my books as I get from creating them. My Amazon.com web page is here:

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Another archaeology-related hobby is jewellery-making. I find some truly beautiful flints, which make lovely necklaces; and I’ve discovered that copper coins too worn to be identified take enamel very well. I have great fun in my Etsy shop! https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MagpiesRevenge

I have a personal Facebook page here where I regularly post publicly about writing, researching, cats, or other random things; and my twitter posts (even more random!) are here.

Thanks for reading!

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