Henry and the Magic Pencil

Henry snuck into my head when I was busy editing my historical fiction work, Wimer; and he’s been popping up regularly ever since! There are currently 3 stories in print, 3 waiting for my artist daughter to finish the art work (due to be published end December 2014), and 3 more at the inception stage.

When Henry Baker finds a magic pencil on his way to school, his life gets very complicated indeed!
Stories are:
Henry and the Football Boots, in which Henry’s new boots make him BRILLIANT at football, but give him a moral dilemma
Henry and the Magic Necklace, where a birthday gift causes Henry big, BIG problems…
Henry and the Magic Teapot – how much hot water can a teapot get you into? A lot!
The stories are available as a three-story compendium (either es an e-book or paperback), which provides a gently stretching read for 7 to 9-year-olds, or three perfectly paced bedtime stories.
The vocabulary used is either on the UK KS2 Frequently Used Words list, or is easy to sound out.

The next three stories are;

Henry and the Bird Bath, where he swears never to do karate kicks again;
Henry and the Dinosaur, where his brother Mike causes all kinds of mahem, completely by accident;
Henry and the Viking, where a school visit to a museum has surprising results.

Again, these stories are available in an e-book or paperback compendium.

He’s had some super reviews:
By Pop Bop (Denver, Colorado United States)

Henry is straightforward and guileless. He’s not above a bit of devilment, but he’s basically sound. He is energetic, imaginative, alert and busy. He loves his family, he’s loyal to his friends, he has a sense of right and wrong, and he likes fun and action. (His internal monologues, narratives and throw-away lines are very funny, even if that is not his intent. He never sounds like a fake kid being written by a tone deaf adult.)

By Doomba “Doomba” (Los Angeles)

I bought this book looking for good inventive work by independent authors. My grandchildren find them more enchanting then their popularized cousins. I have four grandchildren and they love books. The best part about this series is that it is thouroughly British. I hate nothing more than when books and movies wash their culture to make them more universally appealing. If the book is good, it will be universally appealing anyway. This is one of them.

Find Henry at Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Read all the posts I’ve done on writing Henry here… https://nickymoxey.com/tag/henry/

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