Henry and the Magic Pencil

Henry Baker finds a small, super-shiny black pencil, and what he draws becomes real!

Henry snuck into my head when I was busy editing my historical fiction work, Wimer; and he’s been popping up regularly ever since! There are currently 9 stories in print, available either as single stories or as a compendium, plus a solstice special that I wrote for the Historical Novel Writers’ 2020 blog hop.

He’s aimed at either a young independent reader or as a perfectly-timed bedtime story. The topics are wide-ranging – from Vikings and football, to elephant necklaces and karate kicks. Dinosaurs, the school play, the jet stream… Henry encounters them all!

He’s had some super reviews:
By Pop Bop (Denver, Colorado United States)

Henry is straightforward and guileless. He’s not above a bit of devilment, but he’s basically sound. He is energetic, imaginative, alert and busy. He loves his family, he’s loyal to his friends, he has a sense of right and wrong, and he likes fun and action. (His internal monologues, narratives and throw-away lines are very funny, even if that is not his intent. He never sounds like a fake kid being written by a tone deaf adult.)

By Doomba “Doomba” (Los Angeles)

I bought this book looking for good inventive work by independent authors. My grandchildren find them more enchanting then their popularized cousins. I have four grandchildren and they love books. The best part about this series is that it is thoroughly British. I hate nothing more than when books and movies wash their culture to make them more universally appealing. If the book is good, it will be universally appealing anyway. This is one of them.

Read all the posts I’ve done on writing Henry here… https://nickymoxey.com/tag/henry/


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