Not one, but TWO books published today!

I think I must be a glutton for punishment… but a combo of delays in editing and print, and a major holiday long booked for the new year, has meant that I have picked Boxing Day 2019 as launch date for both my latest books!

So, ladies and gentlemen – it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to:

Mum.Frontcover2ebook2-page-1Firstly, The Priest’s Son, the sequel to Sheriff and Priest. (As an aside, the Sheriff and Priest e-book is on sale at 99c from December 26th to 31st, to celebrate!)

Continuing the story of Dodnash Priory into the start of the 13th century, it tells a true tale of land grabs and skullduggery, involving Popes and priors, barons and Bad King John, which explains why the Priory was forced to move away from its original position to a permanently waterlogged meadow. There’s also the question of whether Jean, Wimer’s adopted son, becomes a monk or gets his girl…

The image, by the way, is of a small window made of jumbled stained glass rescued from the dissolution of Dodnash Priory, in a neighbouring church! I’ve wanted to write this young man’s story ever since I first saw it. And there’s another image on the other side; the third book’s protagonist, currently in the research phase…

HB_pencil_008 Then there’s that nice lad, Henry Baker. This is a compilation of nine stories written for independent 7-9 year old readers, or perfectly paced for bedtime stories for younger people. They are gentle feel-good stories about a boy who finds a magic pencil; everything he draws with it comes to life, causing him no end of trouble…

A handful of these stories have been published before, but there are three brand-new, never before seen stories which have been getting rave reviews from my local underage beta readers 🙂

If you’d like to be kept up to date with my writing, please sign up to my newsletter. I’m currently giving away a 13thC steampunk short story as well as the historical timeline behind The Priest’s Son to subscribers – although please be patient with me whilst I’m on holiday; wifi is going to be spotty or non-existent!

Finally, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you a happy, healthy, and peaceful 2020!






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2 responses to “Not one, but TWO books published today!

  1. Domina English

    Sheriff and Priest is not on sale in the UK, and my Kindle Unlimited subscription recently expired. No fair 😦

    Congratulations on the two books released though.


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