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Light bulbs…

light bulbsI did something rash and profligate over the weekend, given my current budget, and spent £7 on a single light bulb.  Not just any light bulb; it’s one that will actually light up when I flick the switch.

I’m old enough to clearly remember the days when that wasn’t in question; “old style” incandescent light bulbs just worked. Instantly. No long, shadowed pause between flick and first dim glow, followed when you least expected it by Light!; no, in the olden days, you turned a light switch on, and it happened. I’m also old enough to remember when light bulbs cost pence, and it was safe to chuck them in the bin when they broke.

Still, these last few years’ experience with “economy” bulbs have made me profoundly grateful for the small miracle of instant light in my hallway. I expect to get more than £7’s worth of pleasure out of flipping the switch and getting instant gratification!


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