Mediocre Failures

This is a superb response to the “Pass SATS or you’re a failure” Conservative policy announced today. Every child Matters, right? This paragraph sums it up for me:
“Perhaps most importantly, we could offer kids like mine what their primary school has offered them already : care, compassion; an opportunity to shine at non-academic activities like swimming, or telling stories, or singing; a safe place where dedicated adults try to find what they’re good at (even if they’re not actually that good at it) and nurture those abilities and interests. Rather than saying “Look, kid, you’re 11 now, so jump through this specific hoop, or you’re a failure”, we might see it as our duty to try and offer at least a range of different approaches to education which allow all children to get something valuable out of their last half-decade of schooling.”

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One response to “Mediocre Failures

  1. Rosemary

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. The English mindset. Education is for gentlemen, gentlemen don’t get their hands dirty, so if it’s a practical, hands-on subject it isn’t education. So we won’t count it in our education policy. This lady has pinned it down beautifully.


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