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Since being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2004, biscuits have largely been a thing of the past. A few years ago, I did a lot of low-carb baking, mostly trying to find a reasonable bread substitute – but mostly, it wasn’t worth the bother. I have a few recipes from those days that I occasionally cook; but none of them are for biscuits.

Tonight, Younger Daughter was in a baking mood, but her ME was dictating something quick and easy; I have guests tomorrow. Biscuits fitted the bill; and I found a recipe for low-carb ginger snaps. Perfect!

As I’m the one responsible for the shape of them, I won’t embarrass Younger Daughter with a picture; rest assured there is at least a familial resemblance to the pic in the recipe. I shall offer them to my guests tomorrow, and see what they make of them!


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