Churchy carvings

I have been collecting a lot of photos of carvings, grotesques, and graffiti in assorted churches recently, which I ought to share!

Firstly, a super little church; the Round Church in Little Maplestead, Essex – built for the Knights Hospitaller in the mid 14thC, and a lovely place to visit.

First, some finely-detailed tracery over the door – with the Knights’ cross just visible, by happy accident!


Then a pair of very pleasantly welcoming faces at the door 🙂


Now, for something completely different – a sweet little dragon, on a font…


In a church that seems to have a lion theme! This from round the door. It’s St Mary le Tower in Ipswich, which also has a Maryan shrine that’s worth a visit.


Then the grafitti, as advertised; from Framlingham church. Messy lot, those mediaeval peasants!


Finally, just because I can – my all-time favourite church, the one that Wimer built – an arch from the remains of the 12thC Orford church, still standing behind the current one.



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