She popped her head into the cathedral on the off-chance. She liked the tall ceilings, and the echoes of past lives; but it was empty now. She turned, and scraped a foot against a loose tile. The atmosphere changed.

Mike froze, trying not to alter his breathing. Julie and the kids were still asleep, huddled under their space blankets. He grew aware that his head was poking out of his. He would be radiating like a furnace… He could hear nothing. He opened his eyes. They said that you mustn’t look at them, or they could always hunt you down – but he was desperate to see.

From where she had climbed, high up on a wall, she watched his aura expand as he came to a crouch. Beside him was a diffuse glow, several life forces, promising bright, delicate tenderness. She rubbed her palps together, and tapped her forefeet, dislodging dust. The treat, or the more complex meal? The decision was made as he looked up. The connection between them snapped into place.

<about 1000 words more…>


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2 responses to “Connections

  1. Dang that was scary… awesome scene. Made me forget where I was … and now my oatmeal is cold!


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