A bit busy just now…

The rhythms of my year revolve around the UK shooting season. Not because I shoot – I did plenty of hunting for the pot in Africa as a girl, the UK practice of using pheasants as target practice doesn’t particularly appeal – but because the gamekeeper on the estate I prefer to detect on gets very uptight if I’m anywhere in sight during the season. So from early September to 2nd Feb I’m elsewhere; this year, I’ve been able to extend my research to neighbouring estates, which has been very cool.

But now the Glorious 2nd is almost upon us, and I realise that I have not done the usual winter evening job of logging last year’s finds on my mapping database. I have an awful lot of finds to catch up with, and very little time; apologies for silence, whilst I sort out what feels like THIS many finds…

Stars in my pockets, like grains of sand...

“Star dune in the Gobi desert, Dunhuang, China” by Jana Eichel, distributed under a Creative Commons licence.


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  1. About half-way! Have discovered that sorting goes more quickly if I’m listening to an audio book. Thank you Piers Anthony, for On A Pale Horse…


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