Seasonal excitement!

My daily walk around my little patch of garden has made me very excited today – there are definite signs of Spring! The onions and garlic in the veggie bed are pushing up new spikes of green, and buds everywhere are beginning to swell. I’m sure that we have some horrid winter weather still in store, but I love that my garden is looking past all that!

Deep orange Pyracantha berries against blue-green Rue foliageThere are still some pleasures left from Autumn, too – Bitter Rue against Pyracantha was a gorgeous colour contrast a few months ago, and it’s still popping even after many of the berries have gone from the top of the bush.

No looking at the grass stalks sticking up through the Rue, please – gardening has not had much priority in my life recently! I am slowly working round, digging out all the worst weeds! Now I have the promise of Spring, I shall have to speed that progress up…

Rue is the national plant of Lithuania, where my soon-to-be-ex husband’s family came from, and it’s actually in the garden because he promised his Grandmother he’d always grow some – but I think it earns its place in my garden just for this colour contrast alone! I’m not fond of its spindly little yellow flowers, and on a hot day it exudes an oil that can burn an unwary passer-by ; but still, it’s worth it for the months of pleasure it’s giving me.

Swelling buds of Clematis ArmandiiAnother great pleasure – and an almost completely maintenance free one – is the huge, swelling buds on my evergreen Clematis. All I need to do with this wonderful plant is to scare the pigeons off it – they love to eat the buds, Grrr! – and occasionally rescue long tendrils that have put in an escape bid to my neighbour’s garden. Throughout the winter it’s a glossy patch of green, reminding me that the world will turn again; very soon, it will add its pale pinky-white flowers, and I shall love it for them too 🙂

I also, of course, noticed all the jobs that need doing – quite apart from the weeds!


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