Today’s archaeology news

My browsing this morning has brought me a super trio of archaeological items, that I thought I’d share with you!

In strict age order; some astonishing Neolithic finds in Ayia Varvara Asprokremnos, Cyprus – the most complete stone human figure ever found is very evocative, but you’d also be rewarded for scrolling down to the picture at the bottom. A casual throw-away is the piece of Neolithic jewellery they have a reproduction of. My image of Neolithic bling, what with recent tattoo articles, is getting a lot more colourful!

Next we move into the start of the Bronze Age in Bogota, with some write-up and some intriguing shots of the finds. Thank heavens for sharp-eyed construction workers!

And finally, part of my quest to develop my own bucket list of places my soon-to-be-e husband would never want to go to – a bit of Ancient Greek, and the city of Jerash in Jordan, possibly founded by Alexander the Great. Of course, there’s one or two other sites in Jordan too 😛

Such a wonderful world, across all its ages 😀


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