A use for drizzle!

The weather has been rotten for metal detecting / archaeology recently – very cold, with a biting wind, and an intermittent penetrating drizzle that’s started up every time I’ve had a window of opportunity and tried to go out of the front door!

I have had some good out of it; I’d made one pass up and down a field yesterday when the drizzle turned into freezing rain, and I gave up in disgust – my landowner scooped me up, fed me hot tea, and showed me an old map, so that was cool 🙂

But mostly I’ve been beating it by going out of the back door, into the garden – where if it’s horrid, I can retreat much more easily! I’m feeling quite industrious, with my raspberry canes cut and in the garden waste bin, and my Euonymous Alatus Compactus planted. My younger daughter is accusing me of choosing that particular shrub just because I love the way the name rolls off my tongue. Well, she may have a point… but this Wikipedia image is the main reason. Honest!


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