Nature’s Autumn gifts

Weather-wise, today was perfect: a hint of mist first thing, so soften the view; then by the time I was ready to go digging, it was so sunny and bright that I worked in a T-shirt.

The best bit, though, was finding someone parked at the field entrance, and “having” to park at the top of the woods and walk down – through satisfying pillows of leaves for kicking, then out onto the meadow at the edge of the wood, looking down a long, long vista of just-turning leaves, punctuated here and there with a tree or bush with its flame already well advanced.  Glorious… I’ve added Euonymus Alata Rudy Haag to my must-have list. It pulled me the width of the meadow to admire its vibrant beauty.

Back in my own garden, I gathered a posy-vase full of the last flowers – cosmos, a single sweet pea, and a spray of asparagus foliage for contrast. It’s a satisfyingly fat lollipop – no sophistication here; but still, something to make me smile over many days!


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