Little orange berries :)

Today’s unexpected pleasure was to discover that a field I thought I’d wrapped up last week (archaeologically speaking) had been re-rolled and re-seeded – millions of little orange wheat berries everywhere 🙂

Not only do I get to play on it again for a few days, until this lot of berries sprout, but last night’s heavy rain had washed all the clay from the flints. The beet harvesting machinery has smashed quite a lot, but amongst the debris were half-a-dozen simply gorgeous scrapers and discoid knives.

This site is a good mile or so away from my main Bronze Age site, and these tools are very clearly different to the ones I’m finding over there. They still feel Bronze Age to me, but I can’t wait for the Archaeological Unit to have a look at them. Are they a different slice of BA? (It lasted for an awful long time.) Or maybe the styles are contemporary, and I have two different cultures going on side by side? Exciting!

The only downside of the day was the mud. Clay mud. The really clingy kind, that aggregates mercilessly on boots and spade. The metal detector was mostly decorative, best used for leaning on to schloop one boot then another out of the morass… Still, I’m claiming the time spent hauling all the mud around as stamina training for karate 😀


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